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Vi Strain

Art has been a constant interest in my life and early years in Wyoming and Montana gave me a deep appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

A scholarship to Montana State University enabled me to study fine art mediums, participate in gallery shows and prepare artwork for use in advertising University functions. I also studied technical drawing, illustration and commercial art.

In California, I continued my affinity for observing nature and became involved in a myriad of other interests while continuing to work in positions using my art degree.
A graphic illustration position led to an interest in city planning and I graduated from the University of San Francisco in that field. For the next thirty years I progressed and held city management and department head positions.

It was not until retiring as Community Development Director for the City of Novato and moving to Sonoma County, that I began to focus on art again. I started drawing and began studying with Nina Antze in Sebastopol CA.

In botanical art, I find enjoyment in striving to depict the wonders of plant life. I use colored pencils primarily on a mylar surface (Duralar). This combination allows for detailed work with color richness and a translucent appearance.


Vi Strain