The Mt. Tamalpais Florilegium

The Northern California Society of Botanical Artists began the Florilegium of Mt. Tamalpais in the spring of 2019. Working in collaboration with One Tam and the Marin Municipal Water District we were able to venture up onto the mountain in order to collect specimens for our botanical paintings and drawings documenting many of the plants growing on the mountain.

2021 mt tam field trip

“Mt. Tamalpais is the iconic heart of Marin County. Home to 1,200 native species, including more than one tenth of all the native plants found in California, 6 are not found anywhere else in the world, and over 50 are listed as threatened, endangered or rare. Mt. Tam is home to ten times the number of plants per acre than Yosemite, which is almost 20 times as big.” (

We the members of NCalSBA made a commitment to One Tam to donate digital images of all of our paintings and drawings to them for their help and participation in this project. One Tam will use the images in their education and outreach programs.

mt tam 2020 exhibit

2020 mt tam outing

One Tam is a collaborative effort between the California State Parks, Marin County Parks, The Marin Municipal Water District, The National Parks, and the Parks Conservancy, together they work to ensure that the entire mountain and all of its plants and wildlife are protected and stewarded.

The Mt. Tamalpais Florilegium is not only an exhibit of beautiful plants and flowers. It is an example of what our mountain has to offer our community.

mt tam 2021 one tam

2021 mt tam exhibit

It is our aim that by assembling a large sampling of paintings and drawings of the native flora growing on Mt. Tam, including many of its rare and special species we can show our community what our mountain has to offer. It is our hope that by showcasing the unique beauty of these plants it will inspire others to learn more about them, and join in our efforts to protect them and our mountain.

You can click on each of the images to see a larger version.

1 Nina Antze
Rosa gymnocarpa
Wood Rose
colored pencil 2020
antze wood rose
2 Nina Antze
Morella californica
Pacific Wax Myrtle
colored pencil 2021
3 Nina Antze
Polypodium californicum
California Polypody
colored pencil 2022
4 Latifat Apatira
Achillea millefolium
ink and watercolor 2022
5 Latifat Apatira
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus
ink and watercolor 2022
6 Mary Batchelder
Goodyera oblongifolia
Rattlesnake Plantain Orchid
watercolor 2022
7 Beatrice Bergemont
Nemophila menziesii
Baby Blue-Eyes
watercolor 2021
8 Ellen Blonder
Hosackia gracilis
Harlequin Lotus
gouache 2022
blonder lotus
9 Cynthia Byrne-Margetts
Rhododendron occidentale
Western Azalea
watercolor 2020
10 Cynthia Byrne-Margetts
Diplacus aurantiacus
Sticky Monkeyflower
watercolor 2022
byrne monkey flower
11 Sophie Chartier
Sequoia sempervirens
Coast Redwood
watercolor 2022
chartier redwood
12 Hyunjin Cho
Symphyotrichum chilense
Coast Aster
color pencil 2022
cho aster
13 Betsy Chovanes
Arbutus menziesii
Pacific Madrone
watercolor 2020
14 Betsy Chovanes
Arbutus menziesii
Pacific Madrone Flowers
watercolor 2021
15 Betsy Chovanes
Rubus parviflorus
watercolor 2022
16 Alice Condit
Corallorhiza maculata
Spotted Coralroot
colored pencil 2020
17 Alice Condit
Fragaria vesca
Woodland Strawberry
colored pencil 2020
18 Alice Condit
Plectritis congesta
colored pencil 2022
condit seablush
19 Margi Connelly
Heteromeles arbutifolia
watercolor 2020
20 Margi Connelly
Prosartes hookeri
Hooker’s Fairy Bells
watercolor 2021
21 Ruth Cox
Pellaea andromedifolia
Coffee Fern
watercolor and colored pencil 2021
22 Kelly Darpinian
Lupinus albifrons
Silver Lupine
colored pencil 2021
23 Catherine Dellor
Phacelia californica
watercolor 2020
24 Catherine Dellor
Juncus patens
Spreading Rush
colored pencil 2021
25 Catherine Dellor
Epipactis gigantea
Stream Orchid
colored pencil 2022
dellor orchid
26 Rosemary Dunbar
Vaccinium ovatum
graphite and colored pencil 2020
27 Tamira Elul
Allium amplectens
Narrow Leaved Onion
watercolor 2022
28 Lynne K Finley
Clarkia gracilis
Clarkia gracilis
watercolor 2020
29 Maria Cecilia Freeman
Sambucus nigra ssp. caerulea
Blue Elderberry
watercolor 2020
30 Maria Cecilia Freeman
Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum
Pink-Flowering Currant
watercolor 2022
freeman currant
31 Mary Gilardi
Iris douglasiana
Douglas Iris
watercolor 2020
32 Mary Gilardi
Calypso bulbosa
Fairy Slipper Orchid
colored pencil on film 2020
33 Mary Gilardi
Dryopteris arguta
Coastal Wood Fern
watercolor 2020
34 Mary Gilardi
Cardamine californica
watercolor 2021
35 Mary Gilardi
Eschscholzia californica
California Poppy
watercolor 2022
gilardi poppy
36 Elaine Goldstone
Sisyrinchium vellum
Blue-Eyed Grass
watercolor 2020
37 Mary Ellen Grimes
Bromus carinatus
Bromus carinatus
colored pencil 2020
38 Mary Ellen Grimes
Lupine nanus
Lupine nanus
colored pencil 2021
39 Mary Harden
Garrya eliptica
Silk Tassel
watercolor 2020
40 Mary Harden
Fritillaries affinis
Checker Lily
watercolor 2020
41 Mary Ann Ho
Asarum caudatum
Wild Ginger
watercolor 2020
42 Kristin Jakob
Stipa pulchra
Purple Needlegrass
pen and ink 2020
43 Kristin Jakob
Trillium chloropetalum
Giant Wake Robin
pen and ink 2021
44 Kristin Jakob
Melica torreyana
Torrey Melicgrass
pen and ink 2021
45 Kristin Jakob
Carex nudata
Torrent Sedge
pen and ink 2022
46 Eliza Jewett
Castilleja foliolosa
Woolly Paintbrush
watercolor 2021
47 Eliza Jewett
Epilobium canum
California Fuchsia
watercolor 2021
48 Eliza Jewett
Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. pulchellus
Mt. Tamalpais Jewelflower
watercolor, graphite and gouache 2022
jewett jewelflower
49 Linda Kam
Eriophyllum lanatum
Woolly Sunflower
watercolor 2020
50 Deborah Kass
Dendromecon rigida
Bush Poppy
watercolor 2021
51 Mimi Kearns
Umbellularia californica
Bay Laurel
watercolor 2020
52 Mimi Kearns
Heuchera micrantha
Alum Root
watercolor 2021
53 Mary Ellen King
Woodwardia fimbriata
Woodwardia fimbriata
colored pencil and ink 2020
54 Nancy Wheeler Klippert
Aristolochia californica
Dutchman’s Pipevine
colored pencil on film 2020
55 Nancy Wheeler Klippert
Lupinus formosus
Lupinus formosus
colored pencil on film 2021
56 Victoria A. Kochergin
Lasthenia californica
colored pencil 2022
57 Heather Kostrzewa
Adelinia grandis
Hound’s Tongue
watercolor 2022
58 Patricia Larenas
Notholithocarpus densiflorus
colored pencil 2020
59 Patricia Larenas
Torreya californica
California Nutmeg
colored pencil and graphite 2021
60 Helen Lewis
Aesculus californica
California Buckeye
watercolor 2021
61 Andrea LoPinto
Quercus agrifolia
Coast Live Oak
watercolor 2020
62 Andrea LoPinto
Ramalina menziesii
Lace Lichen
watercolor 2021
63 Lynne Lyle
Sanicula bipinnatifida
Purple Sanicle
colored pencil 2020
64 Lynne Lyle
Hemizonia congesta ssp. lutescens
Hayfield Tarweed
colored pencil 2021
65 Lynne Lyle
Platystemon californicus
Cream Cups
colored pencil 2021
66 Lynne Lyle
Sanicula laciniata
Coast Sanicle
colored pencil 2022
67 Susan Mark-Raymond
Wyethia augustifolia
Narrow Leaf Mule Ears
watercolor and colored pencil 2021
68 Susan Mark-Raymond
Erythranthe guttata
Seep Monkeyflower
colored pencil 2022
69 Lucy Martin
Lepiota magnispora
Lepiota magnispora
gouache 2020
70 Lucy Martin
Galerina sp.
Mt. Tamalpais Mushrooms
gouache 2021
71 Lee McCaffree
Trillium ovatum
watercolor 2020
72 Lee McCaffree
Lonicera hispidula
Vine Honeysuckle
watercolor 2020
73 Lee McCaffree
Delphinium nudicaule
Red Larkspur
watercolor 2021
74 Lee McCaffree
Scoliopus bigelovii
Fetid Adder’s Tongue
watercolor 2022
mccaffree adders tongue
75 Lee McCaffree
Prosartes smithii
Smith’s Fairy Bells
watercolor 2022
mccaffree bells
76 Anna Milogorodskaya
Aquilegia formosa
watercolor 2022
milogorodskaya columbine
77 Dolores Morrison
Dudleya cymosa
Dudleya cymosa
watercolor 2021
78 Cheryl Perko
Calochortus luteus
Mariposa Lily
watercolor with watercolor pencil 2020
79 Sally Petru
Maianthemum stellatum
Slim False Solomon’s Seal
watercolor 2021
80 Sally Petru
Oxalis oregana
Redwood Sorrel
watercolor 2022
petru sorrel
81 Vi Strain
Clayton perfoliata
Miner’s Lettuce
colored pencil on film 2020
82 Vi Strain
Sidalcea malviflora
colored pencil on film 2021
83 Amber R. Turner
Pinus muricata
Bishop Pine
pen and sepia ink 2022
turner pine
84 Connie Van Ness
Arctostaphylos montana
Mt. Tamalpais Manzanita
colored pencil 2020
85 Connie Van Ness
Frangula californica
California Coffeeberry
colored pencil 2021
86 Barbara Ward
Symphoricarpos albus
watercolor 2020
87 Catherine Watters
Gentiana affinis var. ovate
Pleated Gentian
watercolor 2020
88 Catherine Watters
Triteleia laxa
Ithuriel’s Spear
watercolor 2021
89 Liz Wilberg
Lathyrus vestitus
Hillside Pea
watercolor 2020

All artwork copyrighted by the artist. Copying, saving, reposting, republishing
of artwork prohibited without express permission of the artist.8