Calls for Entries

We post Calls for Entries for Northern California exhibition opportunities which may be of interest to our members. For shows outside this area, you may want to check the ASBA site as well as other groups listed on our Links page.

Each exhibit has it’s own specific guidelines and requirements, but for general information about framing standards for NCalSBA members’ exhibitions please check here.

To research whether a plant is a native of California, you may want to use the Jepson Online Interchange California Floristics or the Calflora Search for Plants. If you are specifically seeking California natives, be sure to check that the plant is not listed as “naturalized in CA”

Mt. Tamalpais Florilegium

First exhibit at The Marin Art and Garden Center, October 16 – November 29, 2020

Deadline for entries August 21, 2020


Members of NCalSBA have a wonderful opportunity to illustrate and create a new florilegium of the plants growing on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County.

Many of you are already hard at work on paintings of Mt. Tam plants you have previously selected. A third collection date in March or April 2020 hosted by One Tam and MMWD will be announced soon. You do not actually need to go to the mountain to make your selection if you can find the identical plant in a nursery or elsewhere. Please verify your plant selection by notifying one of the Florilegium managers to avoid duplication.

Plant List: Artists please go to the following MMWD web site to find the entire plant list for Mt. Tamalpais.

Special Instructions: Please disregard species noted (in red font) as non-native, and those “unsubstantiated” (species not found in watershed lands). Plants are arranged by family and have up to date correct names, and each species is accompanied by 2 color photos. Plants rare in the watershed are noted as such.

Also, plants can be found at

Important Dates:
• Deadline for entries August 21, 2020
• Delivery Date Tuesday October 6, 2020
• Pick up of artwork Monday November 29, 2020

Exhibit Entries:
Entry Fee:$20 will be charged for each image. Artists will be allowed to enter up to 5 paintings over the course of the Florilegium project.

MAGC Requirements:
• NCALSBA members are asked to staff the exhibit on Thursdays.
• All art should be original work (not prints) and artwork must be available for sale at the exhibition.
• MAGC will take a 25% commission on sales and NCALSBA will take a 5% commission (total 30%)
MAGC will take care of all costs for publicity, postcards, posters and vinyl signage for the event.

Important information for Artists: Florilegium Guidelines:
• This will be a juried exhibit. All members of NCalSBA are encouraged to submit plant paintings to our panel, who will make the final decisions on paintings to be included in the exhibit. The Mt. Tam Florilegium jury panel consists of Kristin Jakob and Lee McCaffree.

• All images should be life size, and have a white background.
A digital image of your artwork must also be submitted.
o File Format: Images must be digital JPG files only, 300 dpi, file size may not exceed 4 MB.
o File Name: Files should be labeled with artist’s last name and image title – example: gilardi-BirdofParadise.jpg

Images must be scanned at Berkeley Giclée. Artists will need to arrange to have a print made of their image(s) in the event that their original is sold at the MAGC exhibit. For future exhibits we will include both originals and prints if the original is sold.
• Berkeley Giclée: Tony Molatore, 2117 4th Street in Berkeley. 510-204-9359
Please tell him that your image is for the Mt. Tam Florilegium.
One Tam will have the right to use the digital images for their promotions.

Matting and framing will be provided by each individual artist within the following guidelines without exception. Frames will be simple L shaped maple wood with a 3-inch 8 ply white mat. Plexiglas is required. The format can be vertical or horizontal.
Frame sizes: minimum size 12”x12” Maximum size 24”x30” *note this is a change from the original information.
Bill Anderson of AC graphics 79 Belvedere Street #12, San Rafael 415-456-0363
Quoted us a modest price of $69.92 per frame for a 16×20, a 3-inch 8ply white mat with a window opening of 10”x14”, and Plexiglas; however prices will vary depending on the size you select. Everyone is welcome to have their framing done there, but it is not a requirement. Please tell Bill that your work is for the Mt. Tam Florilegium.

***Please note that this will be our first exhibit of the Mt Tam Florilegium. The project will continue for another 2 years and there will be other exhibits. We must have a good showing for this exhibit with a minimum of 50 paintings. We encourage each prospective Florilegium artist to enter at least one painting in July 2020.

Artists need to inform one of the Florilegium managers of their plant choices in order to avoid duplication. Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Florilegium managers: Mary Gilardi, Laurel Kelly and Kristin Jakob.

Click here to enter exhibition.

Plants Illustrated 2021

Botanical Art Exhibition by NCalSBA Members will be virtual on the UCBG website the month of February 2021

Deadline for entries December 1, 2020


The Northern California Society of Botanical Artists (NCalSBA) will hold its 12th annual exhibition online on the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden website the entire month of February 2021.

There is no theme for this year’s exhibition. You are welcome to submit one of your current works, plants growing in the Garden are encouraged but not required.

There will be a live Zoom opening reception, date not yet determined.

Virtual events are being planned.

Please review our new Guidelines for Exhibitions check here. Any artwork not conforming to these guidelines will not be accepted.

Professional scans are encouraged to be considered for UCBG Publicity and Cards.

We now have our Call for Entries available online.
Click here to enter exhibition. No entries will be accepted after December 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, contact the Exhibitions Committee: Catherine Watters, Laura Sawczuk and Sally Petru.

Chinese Snakebark Maple by Nina Antze

Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture

The Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture at the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society at Strybing Arboretum hosts exhibitions of paintings, prints, photographs and other art media in its reading room on an ongoing basis. They plan exhibits up to two years in advance.