Photo Album of NCALSBA – 2020 Events

“Beautiful Pointed Pen Calligraphy for Botanicals Workshop II, The Capital Letters with J.P. Panter”, February 9, 2020

Danny Swanson’s studio in Saratoga

A spectacular winter day in Saratoga at Danny Swanson’s bright and well-appointed studio for our 2nd in a series of Copperplate Calligraphy taught by J.P. Panter.

2020calligraphy class

We had almost all new attendees from Calligraphy I for this workshop. It was a good chance for JP to reintroduce the strokes needed to create the lower case letters. After a quick set up and refresher on how to prepare a new pointed nib, hand outs and a brief introduction we moved into practicing strokes. JP talked a bit about the history of calligraphy and writing in general as we worked. She shared style options and went over the materials so that attendees could continue to progress from the basics at home.

2020calligraphy cards

2020calligraphy demo

We then moved into the Capital letter forms. Beautiful as they are there is so much more complexity to how they are constructed from the lower case. JP did a great job balancing demo with practice. She walked around to answer questions as they came up with demonstration on how best to approach the forms. Her teaching style is engaging, kind and well-backed with her knowledge and experience.

2020calligraphy panter

2020calligraphy lee

We thank Danny for arranging her studio to fit us and make sure as the host that we had everything we needed throughout the day. Many thanks for her generosity and graciousness.

Photos and text by Elaine Goldstone
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“Painting on Kelmscott Vellum with Catherine Watters, Memorial for Sharon Clark”, January 25, 2020

Woodhall Orinda

2020sharon ward

2020sharon teaching

2020sharon bernard

2020sharon beatrice

2020sharon student

2020sharon watters

2020sharon elaine

2020sharon class

Photos by Elaine Wismer
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